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Konnect America Envisions a Future With a Level Playing Field, Made Possible by Extending Broadband


17 Jul, 2015, 11:15 ET

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -

- Forty million households in the U.S. still lack Internet access, a critical obstacle on the path to sustained national prosperity and leadership. Children who never develop digital competency are disadvantaged in the new economy, and those disadvantages will only multiply with time. Konnect America, a new nonprofit organization, is on a mission to reverse these troubling statistics, one family at a time.

Konnect America's purpose is to ensure everyone has broadband access. The organization concentrates especially on school-aged children, as the Internet has become an indispensable learning and socialization tool. Many of these disconnected families live in rural or isolated areas like farms, Indian reservations or wilderness. The economic and technological hurdles in bringing Broadband to these communities are numerous, but Konnect America is already forging partnerships across the industry to overcome these challenges.

The Konnectivity Grant program is the flagship of Konnect America's mission. Families with young students who cannot otherwise afford broadband access are eligible. Individuals and families can learn more about the program or apply for grant funding on the Konnect America homepage; applicants typically learn of their status within 48 hours.

Recent stories exposing American students' decline in STEM field scores relative to other nations highlight the danger of neglecting the infrastructure of the Internet and allowing millions to remain disconnected. The modern workplace is increasingly dependent on Internet and communications technology; so too are most universities. Prospective employees and students without a foundation in these technologies face long odds in being competitive with their peers. The Federal government has notably stepped up its efforts to democratize access, but the problem is so massive that strong grassroots organizations like Konnect America are needed to pick up the slack.

Konnect America works together with leaders in cable and satellite Internet service provision as part of the Partnership in Education program. These partners waive installation costs for qualifying students and families, making access to broadband much more affordable. Combined with the Konnectivity Grant, poverty need no longer be a roadblock to technological proficiency.

Donations and volunteerism are essential to the long-term success of Konnect America. Ninety-three cents of every dollar donated go directly toward funding Konnectivity Grants. Volunteers are encouraged to spread the word about Konnect America among friends and family and within their communities.

SOURCE Konnect America

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